WWE Has Added Another Huge Title Match To WWE TLC



The WWE is now just a few days away from another Smackdown Live only pay-per-view at TLC this Sunday. It has already become a stacked card with several title matches. According to Wrestling Inc., the company has decided to add another intriguing bout.

As seen on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, the TLC contract signing between Alexa Bliss and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch ended with Bliss putting Becky through the table. It was later announced that Bliss had challenged Becky to a Tables Match at TLC on Sunday and Becky accepted the challenge.

The feud between these two superstars has been building up over the last few weeks. Bliss has yet to get a clean match against Lynch since initially getting her title shot in the six-man elimination match. This could be a prime opportunity for her to earn her first title reign in the WWE.

However, Lynch also hasn’t had  much of a chance to put together a strong defense of the belt. She has wrestled Bliss on a couple of occasions but has yet to truly look like a strong champion. The title match with table stipulations may be a defining moment for the winner.

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