WWE Has Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania 33 Opponent Lined Up Already



With WrestleMania 33 just a few months away, the rumors about potential matches for the event have begun to start up. One of which involves who will face Brock Lesnar. According to Wrestling Observer, Lesnar appears to have his opponent already lined up for the event.

The current plans for WrestleMania reportedly call for a headlining match between Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon.

It had been long rumored that the two would face off at some point. This had originally been slated for the Royal Rumble, but now has been moved to the star-studded event. If this were to indeed be true, it could be an entertaining match that could feature some intriguing circumstances surrounding it to make it a bigger draw.

That said, things could easily change if Lesnar and Goldberg put on a strong performance at Survivor Series later this month. This has the potential to be a monumental match that could lead to another at WrestleMania 33. Whatever were to transpire from that will have a major impact on what’s next for Lesnar.

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