WWE Has Decided To Bring Back A Beloved Legend



The WWE over the years has made the decision to bring back many of familiar faces of the past in the company. With Sasha Banks defeating Charlotte in a grueling anywhere falls championship match on Monday night, Ric Flair came back to congratulate her win. According to Wrestling Inc., Flair will be back for much longer than originally anticipated.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has agreed on a new contract with WWE, according to PWInsider. Flair is scheduled to be a regular on the RAW brand after endorsing new RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on this week’s show. Regarding that appearance, it was added to the show just a few hours before RAW went live.

It has been several months since Flair was last with the company on-air following his daughter disowning him for the purpose of the storyline on Raw. Now that Banks is the Raw Women’s champion and had won the belt in his honor, it may very well throw him back in the mix of things with Charlotte. Things could get much more interesting with both on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

What this sets the table for is a rematch at the Roadblock pay-per-view later this month with the women’s title on the line again. The addition of Flair in Banks’ corner could make things much more personal for Charlotte. All in all, there is certainly more to this feud ahead.

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