WWE Has Lined Up Cruiserweight Title Match For Survivor Series With One Huge Twist



The WWE is just a couple of weeks away from just their second joint pay-per-view with Survivor Series. It will feature several matches between both brands. According to Wrestling Inc., the WWE has set up an interesting cruiserweight title bout with intriguing implications.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
Kalisto vs. The Brian Kendrick
If Kalisto wins, the division comes to SmackDown.

It’s not surprising to see the title being up for grabs, but the entire division switching shows would be huge. Since it made their debut on Raw several weeks ago, the cruiserweights have yet to make a large impact outside of the feud between Kendrick and TJ Perkins. This could very well be a move made in order to bring more pizzazz to the title and group by placing them on Smackdown Live.

That said, it could just be something done in order to bring more attention to the cruiserweight division. If Kendrick successfully defends the title, it could bring more validity to his reign. This could be a huge turning point for the division on the main roster.

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