WWE Is Moving Forward With Another History-Making Move



The WWE over the last few months since the brand split has been pushing the envelope more. The company is coming off their first women’s match in Hell in a Cell that was also the main event bout. According to Wrestling Inc., the WWE is set to go through with another game-changing move.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has confirmed that WWE officials are planning a women’s tournament, which will be similar to the Cruiserweight Classic. The idea is to tape in either January or March with talents from all over the world.

It’s a strong move for the WWE in their continued push to give some legitimacy to the women’s division in the business. This will allow them to bring in some talent from across the globe while strengthening the product for the WWE. It should also produce some intriguing matches in the process.

There is much reason to go through with this move as the Cruiserweight tournament received great feedback. This created some great matches while bringing in more attention to the independent circuit. It will be an interesting to see what kind of talent will come about from the event.

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