WWE Made One-Last Minute Change At Hell In A Cell PPV



The WWE made history at Hell in a Cell with their first women’s match in the event. It saw Sasha Banks drop the women’s title in a brutal beatdown from the hands of Charlotte. According to Wrestle Zone, Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer revealed it was a last-minute change to the finish.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the finish to the Sasha Banks and Charlotte match last night was supposed to see Sasha Banks going over and retaining the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Vince McMahon, however, had the match changed last minute to instead have Charlotte win the WWE RAW Women’s Championship. Meltzer said that there is a reason for the change although he doesn’t know why. The plan now is to go with a program between Charlotte vs Bayley sooner than later.

This more than anything means that Banks is out of the title picture for at least the time being. It immediately thrust Bayley into her first chance at earning the women’s title. There had been plenty of push for her to get that opportunity, but she has been dealing with a feud with Dana Brooke that seemed to come to an end at Hell in a Cell in a win over her.

In the meantime, Banks will likely jump back into things once Bayley earns the title once again and there will be an angle on their friendship. It’s an inevitable route to be taken, but it will make the women’s division that much stronger. This is something definitely to watch in the coming months.

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