WWE May Have Some Real Concern With Bayley



Since joining the WWE main roster a few months ago, Bayley has struggled to get a grip hold on a strong standing in the company. She has established a strong following but can’t seem to catch a break over the last few weeks. In light of that, it appears that Bayley has suffered a potentially serious injury.

In the video, she looked to be favoring her neck as she was being helped to the locker room. Bayley may have suffered the injury when Dana Brooke threw her into the turnbuckle. It was only emphasized when she was slammed onto the mat before she was pinned.

This is certainly something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Remember, Sasha Banks had also been helped to the back following her match at SummerSlam that forced her to miss some time. There’s a realistic possibility that Bayley could be sidelined with this injury.

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