You Got To Hear What Dolph Ziggler Had To Say About The Brand Split



Since joining the WWE several years ago, Dolph Ziggler has been a major part of the company. For much of the time, he has been a top-billed superstar. According to an interview with The Sun, Ziggler believes the brand split has worked wonders for him.

I said the brand split would be a chance for a lot of up-and-coming guys to get a chance to be on television, get a few minutes of microphone time or introduce themselves. I didn’t see it happening for me but it has actually given me a chance to be myself and not memorise something or say a catchphrase. It has been real and reinvented me.”

Ziggler over the last couple of months has seen himself become embedded in the spotlight with the WWE. He has been involved in an enticing feud with The Miz that has many wrestling fans reinvigorated with his character. It has all helped him become one of the biggest stars on Smackdown Live as the Intercontinental champion.
The 36-year-old has also been able to mold his persona into his own preference as a babyface that the crowd can get behind. This title reign could be instrumental in helping completely respark his career after a couple of disappointing years. All in all, the future is now once again bright for Ziggler.

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