You Got To See What Chris Jericho Just Told One Of His Haters



Throughout much of his career, Chris Jericho has been one of the best characters in the business. Lately, he has taken on the heel role that includes using “The List of Jericho,” which has boosted his character. However, he recently got into an argument with a fan over the use of the segment.

The “List of Jericho” has become a staple segment for Jericho that fans have come to love. It’s arguably one of the best things that the WWE has going right now. This has in fact of resparked Jericho’s career and made him an even more beloved wrestler in the business.

Although Jericho’s in-ring product isn’t what it used to be, this has endeared him more to the WWE Universe. What has been most impressive about it is that it shows he can continue to adjust to the times. This in all likelihood has cemented his status as a WWE Hall of Famer.

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