You Will Be Surprised About Which WWE Superstar Mark Henry Wants To Work With



Mark Henry has been in the WWE for quite some time spanning over two decades. This has given him the opportunity to work with many wrestlers in the business. In a recent interview with Esquire Middle East, The World’s Strongest Man revealed a couple of wrestlers that he still wants to get in the ring with.

“Neville. I love his skill set. I want him to do better in the company. I also love working with Cesaro. I think he is under-utilized on the roster, but I don’t make the decisions! I remember when we wrestled in Qatar, he was even able to get me in the Big Swing. I didn’t think he was gonna be able to lift me, but he did.”

Neville has a unique skill set with his high-flying moves that wows the crowd in every match that he takes part in. It would be a huge contrast in styles but something intriguing to watch. The choice of Cesaro is a common selection for many in the professional wrestling community because of his strength and ability in the ring.

Henry could still get in the ring with Neville given that he’s still working on a part-time basis with the WWE. He’s has continued to participate in dark matches and events over the weekend. All in all, the fact that Henry wants to work with Neville shows the huge amount of respect he has for him.

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