You Will Never Guess Who Has Been Enzo Amore’s Biggest influence



In the last couple of years, Enzo Amore has made a name for himself in the WWE. He has become one of the most popular wrestlers in the company. In a recent interview with The Post and Courier, Amore revealed who has been his biggest influence on his career

“I would say Triple H is the biggest influence on my career. He’s almost like a father figure. If I slip up or there’s a problem, he lets me know.”

Triple H has had a huge impact on his career having given him the chance to wrestle with the company. He took a shot on Amore when he signed with the WWE in August 2012 despite having no prior wrestling experience. Amore has since used that opportunity to work his way up through the business to the main roster.

Without Triple H giving him that initial shot, Amore would not be where he is at as a prominent superstar on Raw. His entire career came about because of the WWE legend. That said, Amore now has a bright future ahead of himself in the business.

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