You Won’t Beleive Which NBA Star CM Punk Just Called Out



CM Punk over the years has developed a strong reputation as someone that doesn’t bite their tongue on any topic. He has repeatedly proven time after time even after his departure from the WWE. Punk was at it again during the Chicago Cubs’ championship parade earlier this week.

Punk isn’t entirely in the wrong here as it’s well known that LeBron James is a New York Yankees. The fact that he was cheering for the Cleveland Indians was more to support hometown team in their World Series run. All James was trying to do is get more support thrown in the direction of the club.

This is just more of a question of his true fandom. In that aspect, Punk is trying to ruffle a few feathers with a verbal jab at James for what he believed as being a unloyal Yankee fan. When it boils down to it, it’s just a badgering between two famous sports fans.

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