You Won’t Believe How Russell Westbrook Responded To 76ers Fan Flipping Him Off



In the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season opener in Wednesday night, Russell Westbrook had his first official game as the face of the franchise. During the contest, Westbrook had to deal with a Philadelphia 76ers fan giving him the double bird for no apparent reason. Following the game, Westbrook had a somewhat surprising reaction to the incident.

This is a completely different response that many would have anticipated from him given personality. It shows a great amount of maturity to brush aside the situation, but he did state that he didn’t want to do anything because it cost him a good chunk of change last time he reacted. He is obviously frustrated with the amount of freedom that the fans get in terms of what they can say to the players without being kicked out of the arena.

That said, Westbrook has bigger fish to fry with the tall task of leading the Thunder as the new face of the franchise. He got off to a strong start with a near triple-double posting 32 points, 12 rebounds, and nine assists in the win.  If that is any indication of the type of season he will have ahead of him, the NBA MVP trophy could be his next May.

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