You Won’t Believe What Made Vince McMahon Just Absolutely Lose It



In this week’s edition of Raw, Paul Heyman issued a response on behalf of Brock Lesnar to Goldberg accepting his challenge. However, the segment did not go as planned as Heyman struggled to Lesnar’s hometown crowd to boo him. According to Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, this didn’t set well at all with WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

“Backstage, Vince blew a gasket, [saying] ‘These goddamn fans!’ And he played Brock’s music, and they just ended it. And Paul and Brock went to the back, and that was the end of the segment. This was nothow it was supposed to end, but Vince pulled the plug right in the middle of it.”

Throughout his WWE career, Lesnar has taken up the villainous role and McMahon had hoped that could be the case even in his hometown. Instead, the fans began to chant “Goldberg sucks,” which the decision was made to end the segment abruptly. It was a clear botch but the WWE made the right choice to cut it short before things got any worse.

That said, this shouldn’t affect the building buzz toward the match between the two legends in the business. Goldberg is expected to make another appearance next week, and if it’s anything like his first it will do nothing but help create more hype toward the bout. All in all, this was just a minor misstep in the grander scheme of things.

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