You Won’t Believe Which NBA Legend Isaiah Thomas Just Compared Himself To



It has become blatantly clear that Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is quite confident in his ability. Despite being quite shorter than most NBA players, Thomas has the world of faith in what he can do on the floor. In a recent interview with, he compared himself to a recently retired NBA great in terms of his leadership.

“I’m the 5-9 Kevin Garnett. That’s who I want to be. His praise means a lot. For a guy I looked up to, who I knew I would be nothing like (in size), but just the way he prepared himself, the way he didn’t back down from anybody, and how he was so locked in. It was amazing to see that up close. For him to say that about me, that says a lot.”

“Even guys around here, like our strength coach Doo, he always says, ‘You would have loved KG and he would have loved you. He doesn’t like a lot of guys, but he would have loved you.’ And I wish I got to play with a guy like him.”

This comment comes after Garnett complimented Thomas for his passion for the game as the leader of the Celtics. In many ways, he possesses that same demeanor of not backing down from an opponent because of his height disadvantage against nearly every other player in the league. It has given him a stronger passion and motivation to step up to the challenge on a nightly basis.

In the last couple of years, Thomas has established himself as one of the better point guards in the league. He has become one of the best scoring point guards in the league and had his first All-Star game selection last season. Thomas could have many more productive seasons ahead of him.

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