You Won’t Believe Which WWE Superstar Cedric Alexander Has Modeled His Style After



Since signing with the WWE back in 2011, Cedric Alexander has developed a strong following behind him due to his wrestling style. He is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the business that has become a strong performer in the ring. In a recent interview with The Art Of Wrestling, Alexander revealed that he modeled his wrestling style to another talented in-ring performer.

“I modelled myself heavily after AJ Styles. I’m a huge AJ mark, so a lot of the things he does and the way he does them are very different as far as the fluidity and just his general athleticism. I try to do a lot of his stuff, basically. I steal a lot of his moves. And everyone tells me, ‘man, what you do, it looks so cool’ or whatever. It’s just, I copy this guy or whatever, put a little twist on it, and then, okay, now it’s mine. That’s as far as I think it through, but one guy told me, ‘you know the difference between you and AJ Styles? I believe you a lot more because of the emotion.’ I was like, ‘I guess.’ Like, I’m trying to think. I’m just athletic and I can do things. I just try to get everyone to believe what I’m doing.”

Styles is arguably the best performer in the business right now that has put on numerous strong matches since joining the WWE at the Royal Rumble. It has played a huge part in his rise to the top of the business. This makes him an excellent choice for Alexander to model his style after.

Alexander has the ability to become a big-time star in the WWE but just needs the opportunity to showcase that. There is sure to be a couple of runs at the cruiserweight title in the near future once the TJ Perkins and Brian Kendricks feud finishes. It’s just a matter of time before he gets his chance to really take off in the business.

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