You Won’t believe Which WWE Superstar Recently Had An Altercation



The WWE over the years has seen its fair share of backstage conflicts between its own talent. With the mix of personalities on the roster, there’s bound to be some headbutting between. According to Wrestling Inc., this was the case prior to this week’s episode of Raw.

According to Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline.com, the incident happened while the RAW crew was traveling from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland for tonight’s RAW. Cara was reportedly kicked off the bus the crew was traveling on.

Meltzer noted that Cara was making annoying noises while on the tour bus and while people were telling him to stop, he kept making the noises. This led to Jericho “more forcefully” telling Cara to stop. Cara reportedly told Jericho to “f–k off” and words were exchanged. Cara threw a wilds right hand at Jericho before others jumped in to break it up. Jericho then bit Cara’s finger during the pull-apart. Cara was then kicked off the bus.

This isn’t the first altercation that Jericho has been involved in over the years. In Goldberg’s last stint with the company, he got into it with him on his first day there. He had also got in a shoving match with Brock Lesnar after his match at SummerSlam against Randy Orton.

Jericho clearly has a strong personality, but if the reports are true Sin Cara would the one in the wrong in this situation. That said, the two responded with getting physical with each other. That said, it’s something that could have been simply avoid by handling in different manner on both ends.

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