You Won’t Believe Who Big Show Feels Is the Stiffest Wrestler Of All Time



The Big Show has a professional wrestling career that spans over two decades. He has faced hundreds of other wrestlers over that time. In a recent interview with Games Radar, the WWE legend revealed who he believe hits the hardest.

Sheamus [above] and I used to beat the snot out of each other. When we were feuding I would sit on my bus at night and look at all these bruises all over me and be like, “this is supposed to be a work.” Good guy, though. Great attitude. Sheamus doesn’t have a ‘work’ speed, he just hits the piss out of you. So you give it back, or you get beat up.

“Christian is worse,” he continues. “He’s a potato thrower. Every time he punches you, his bony ass couldn’t hit any harder. He is the stiffest guy in wrestling. Ask Jericho, ask Edge, he is the stiffest guy you’ll ever work with in the ring.”

There hasn’t been much said about Christian being a stiff performer in the ring. The 42-year-old is well respected in the business over the years. He has won 26 total championships throughout his career.

The fact that he’s a stiff puncher shouldn’t take away from what he accomplish. It’s often the case that wrestlers had difficulty from lessening the force in their blows. Christian just happens to falls within that category.

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