You Won’t Believe Who Is Sheamus’ Favorite Wrestler Of All Time



Sheamus has been around the professional wrestling world for more than the last decade. Like many before him, he has drawn inspiration to pursue this career from watching some of the past greats wrestle. When asked in a recently interview with Mid-Day who is his favorite wrestler of all time, Sheamus had an interesting answer.

“‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage”

 Macho Man has been highly regarded as one of the best wrestlers during his heyday for many reasons. He was a strong performer in the ring while being an unbelievable talent on the microphone. He was the complete package wrestler that was a crowd favorite throughout his career.
Savage had the accolades to back that up as he was won 29 titles during a 32-year career. This includes six world championships between the WWF and WCW. Although he passed away five years ago, he finally earned his well-deserved spot in the WWE Hall of Fame last year. More importantly, he has continued to have a tremendous impact on the professional wrestling world far beyond his days in the ring.

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