You Won’t Believe Who Roman Reigns Replaced in WWE Universal Title Feud



In a few weeks, Roman Reigns is expected to take on Kevin Owens for the Universal title at Roadblocks, which is the last pay-per-view of the year. This will pit champion against champion in a much-anticipated match. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this wasn’t the original feud that the WWE had planned.

Owens vs. Reigns was also announced as the main event for the final PPV of the year on 12/18 in Pittsburgh. That’s a surprise since the angle was going to Owens vs. Rollins vs. Jericho and eventually Owens vs. Jericho.

It had been rumored that the WWE was going to the route of using Owens’ relationship with Chris Jericho as a major part of the feud. Now it looks like the company is going to head in another direction with traction begin to pick up with Reigns. Since he won the United States championship, the WWE appears to want to give him another chance.

Reigns had previous struggled to hold down the responsibility as being “The Man” because of his poor microphone skills and predictable in the ring. This had drawn much ire from the WWE Universe that still draws many boos when he comes out to the ring. This could be his last chance to recapture that role with the company.

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